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Regardless of your profession or societal standing, there is one thing that you need to ensure for absolute happiness, and this is nothing but the right dose of humour. Without humour, your life might seem dull and boring and this is the reason why you should focus on funny and quirky stuffs all the more.

But in our busy and hectic schedules, it often gets pretty difficult to stumble upon something which is humorous enough to spark your souls or make you smile. And that is exactly where these amazing funny quotes come to play. In this section you will find the best funny quotes that’ll charm you, amuse you and make you laugh like never before.

This quote is nothing but a subtle jibe at the kids of this generation. Yes. Many people feel that our future generations will have it easy. And to be really honest, there’s nothing wrong in thinking like this. We were the last generation to have struggled with slow internet, landline telephones, letters and other stuff that the kids of the current generation can’t even imagine.

These kids are always vying more and despite getting everything they make it a point to complain about life. So the author takes a jibe at them and makes fun of the things that the kids of the future generations will be worked up with. Unlike us, who had to deal with the real problems of life, these kids will merely be bothered about slow speed of their WiFi and their phones not working properly. And this is perhaps because they have things the easy way.

Conclusion – Since our lives are incredibly busy and hectic, there’s nothing wrong in adding a dash of fun to it. So if you’re really bored and tired with the things happening around your mundane day, try reading these quotes to add the dash of fun you need in your lives.

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