Coffee Health Benefits – 29 Reasons Why You Should Stick To Coffee Every Day

Coffee Health Benefits – If you’ve ever wondered about where coffee came from or how it was discovered, the longstanding story relates to the Ethiopian goat farmer Kaldi. One day he noted that his goats were dancing in a way that he had never seen before. He launched an investigation, discovering they had been snacking on some bright red berries. He tried some and it had the same effect on him.

As the story goes, a monk later happened upon them and Kaldi told him about the berries. The monk saw it as an answer to prayer, as this could assist the monks in staying up through their evening prayers. The monk later came up with an idea to dry and boil the fruit into a beverage. It assisted the monks through their prayers, and tasted delicious, too.

While we always talk about coffee beans, the truth of the matter is that coffee really comes from a seed. It’s the seed of a coffee cherry. We have long referred to them as beans, simply because they look like beans.

There are plenty of nutritional benefits to drinking coffee. Just have a look at the nutrients in coffee.

black-coffee-has-zero-caloriesBlack coffee has zero calories, and studies have also shown coffee increases brain function, reaction times, memory, vigilance, cognitive function, and mood and boosts energy.

coffee-before-workingCaffeine acts as a pain suppressant and an anti-inflammatory, helping you to feel less pain and discomfort. Studies have also found that drinking 12 ounces of coffee before workout burns 15% more calories and calorie burning continues for up to 3 hours after exercising.

coffee-has-more-antioxidantsCoffee has more antioxidants than blueberries, grape juice, oranges and raspberries. Just 1 cup of coffee contains 2% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin b3 and magnesium, 11% of vitamin b12, 6% of vitamin b5, and 3% of potassium and manganese.

coffee-reduces-risk-of-liver-diseaseStudies have shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by as much as 65%. Drinking 4 cups of black coffee daily protects from cirrhosis and reduces risk of liver disease by 80%.

coffee-lowers-risks-of-deathCaffeine blocks receptors in brain cells that cause inflammation and certain diseases and coffee drinkers have been found to have fewer inflammatory molecules. Coffee lowers risks of death for women by 26%, and for men by 20%.

coffee-helps-to-weight-lose-weightCoffee helps to lose weight. It stimulates the release of adrenalin that helps burn stored body fat, and increases the metabolic rate in lean persons by as much as 29% and in the obese by as much as 10%, even when the body is at rest.

coffee-help-reduce-risks-of-heart-diseaseCoffee is loaded with phytochemicals that have potent anti-inflammatory effects that help reduce risks of heart disease and atherosclerotic blockage in heart arteries.

coffee-enhances-moodCoffee enhances mood and increases levels of brain chemicals that promote a sense of well being, allowing you to perform in a state of emotional efficiency.

coffee-reduce-risk-of-type-2-diabetesStudies have shown that coffee drinkers can reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 50% plus drinking just two cups of coffee can reduce muscle pain following a workout by 48%.

coffee-can-reduce-your-risk-of-liver-cancerCoffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer by up to 40% and colorectal cancer by 15%. A 20 year study found that women who drank at least 3 cups of coffee every day reduced their risk of developing skin cancer.

coffee-can-reduce-the-risk-of-strokeCoffee beans contain chlorogenic acid that reduces retinal damage caused by oxidative stress, and studies have shown that coffee can reduce the risk of stroke by 20%.

black-coffee-kills-bacteria-in-plaqueBlack coffee kills bacteria in plaque that forms on the teeth and causes tooth decay, and women who drink at least 4 cups of coffee every day reduce their risk of depression by up to 20%.

1-to-2-cups-of-coffee-daily-reduce-heart-diseaseJust 1 to 2 cups of coffee daily reduce risks for heart disease as key antioxidants lower LDL levels, lower blood pressure, and keep arteries healthy and inflammation free.

1-cup-of-coffee-daily-can-reduce-risk-of-deathConsuming a minimum 1 cup of coffee daily can reduce risk of death from various disease related causes by about 5%.

When you do enjoy those cups of coffee, you can rest easy knowing that your habit is contributing to your health in the long-term. That is, of course, as long as you’re not adding 6 sugars and creamer to every cup you’re enjoying. Coffee is as healthy as you make it. Drink well and take care of yourself.

just 12oz-of-black-coffee-before-workout-burns-more-calories-continues-to-burn

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