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There is an array of various reasons why people go out there for fishing.  A lot of people would pay top dollar for a cure of all their mental ailments and especially their stress. This can be achieved with fishing.

You have gotten all that in those precious moments when you fish. The calm, the beautiful nature all around you. People can be talking and preaching about meditation, but fishing does the same thing. And, unlike meditation, fishing might get you a healthy, delicious dinner or two out of it.

So don’t stress the amount of fish that you catch, or overthink what bait you need to use. Just enjoy the moment. They are so few in life. Especially now, when everyone is rushing somewhere. So enjoy these interesting fishing quotes

Wanted – Good woman who can cook, sew, clean, fish, has boat and motor – send photo of boat and motor.

When I’m tired and I can’t sleep, I count fishes instead of sheep

Work is for those who don’t know how to fish.

A fisherman’s favorite line, has a worm on the end of it

A fishing line has a hook at one end and an optimist on the other

Fish come to those who bait

Fish stories told here

Fish tremble when they hear my name

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