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Work From Home With Kids, Parenting and Home Schooling

Home schooling can be referred to as educating your children from home or some other place but not in a school. This education at home is conducted by a tutor or a parent personally or online. The term homeschooling is very common in the UK, Europe, and North America along with various Commonwealth nations. Earlier it was used by communities and families to educate children before they were introduced to formal schooling. But today it has become the need of the time.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone including children, youngsters, adults as well as elderly people have to remain at home and follow the rule of social distancing. Most of the parents are today working from home as all the offices and establishments, as well as schools, are closed to fight away this infectious disease. In this situation, parents have to focus on educating their children from home along with continuing their official work.

Some of the general parenting and home schooling tips provided here is to help people in developing a suitable environment to educate even their grown-up children at home.

Be Flexible: In order to work from home and educate your children, you should also consider the needs of your family while organizing your official work. You should keep highly important tasks to do, when you would be free from distractions, and do less important tasks when you can expect disturbances. Divide and win can be the right policy while sharing the responsibilities of parenting and homeschooling.


Handle Things Patiently: Things may not go as you like when everyone has to work from home. You may not be able to have enough time for home schooling as well as for your work. So plan a work schedule to get the best results in the shortest time and leave the rest for the next day.


Anticipate Unexpected Things: According to experts, you can keep an eye on the progress of your kids by taking a break from your work regularly. When you are working from home and educating your kids at the same time, you should anticipate interruptions now and then. In this situation, try to do the best, have a deep breath, hug your children and set your priorities according to the situation.


Control Interruptions Effectively: You’ll have to find ways to reduce distractions while working from home, as you have to meet your targets also. Also you cannot avoid communication with your kids while homeschooling them. If you have grown-up kids you can ask them to note down their queries so that you can satisfy them later on.

You can instruct them when to disturb so that you can focus on your work for some time. But you should allow your children to come to you when it is unavoidable.


When Possible, Attend Your Kids: You should give complete attention to your kids when you are not working. When you finish your work then all your attention should focus on your family instead of using your laptop and mobile phone for some unproductive work.


Continue Communication: While planning the schedule for the next day, you should communicate with your family to know about their plans so that you can adjust your involvements accordingly. You can also divide certain tasks with other members in the family to relax some burden from your shoulders. This can be done only by asking the suggestion of other family members in this regard.


Educate Kids To Help: If you have to do everything for all the family members, then you should help them in learning ways they can help themselves. You can encourage them to prepare snacks, breakfast or lunch if they are able to cook food. Guide them to prepare healthy food even without cooking. It will enable them to help themselves whenever required. It will also help you to focus on your work along with helping the kids in their home schooling.


Arrange Funny Stuff Nearby: If you have a lot of work pending on the desk, try putting some funny things within your reach, so that you can give them to your kids when they’ve finished their home schooling. Also involve them in reorganizing the home in the evenings when everyone finished their day. This will help teach them lots of things which they have never done before.


Work Smartly: You should try your best to be efficient and organized. Spend some time for planning your work schedule and use different ways to minimize your distractions. Have a comfortable place to work and give more than enough time for your work, so that you can complete your tasks efficiently even after home schooling your kids.


Ask Others To Help You: You can also ask other parents to teach your kids at home so that you can spare some time to focus on your long pending work without being disturbed. Make an alternate arrangement with other parents to teach the kids turn-by-turn. You can also hire a tutor for focusing on your routine official work.


Take Care of Yourself: Don’t forget to give priority to your own health while parenting and homeschooling in today’s stressful environment of COVID-19. Be flexible and patient enough while taking care of your work along with teaching your kids. By eating properly, staying hydrated, having a sound sleep and doing exercises you can easily take care of your overall health. Ask others to help you so that you can keep yourself recharged for any situation.


Thus by following the above tips you can continue home schooling of your kids in any situation.

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